Speaking at GoTech World 2023

- 1 min

I spoke in Romania for the first time at the GoTech World 2023 conference. It was a great experience.

I did an updated version of my “Java and Haskell - Similarities and Differences” talk that I already have done in several other countries.

This is the abstract of my talk at GoTech World 2023:

The Java programming language has evolved a lot over the last year. With releases from projects like Panama, Loom, Amber, and Valhalla, Java will continue to adopt features that developers know and love from languages like Kotlin and Scala. One area that Java still differs, is purely functional programming. There is especially one functional language that people either hate or love: Haskell. In this talk, I will take a look at the similarities and differences between Java and Haskell. For developers who have never tried Haskell, it will be a good opportunity to see how it compares with features we know in Java through several code examples. After listening to this talk, you will learn how you can benefit from learning a purely functional language and you will also learn about Java’s strengths compared to Haskell. Key takeaways: a) Be a better Java-programmer by adopting techniques from purely functional languages b) Understand why Java is still relevant compared to not only functional languages, but also Kotlin and Scala. c) See relevant code examples from both modern Java, but also Haskell.

Unfortunately there is no publicly available recording, but here is some pictures of me at the stage.