Automated Web Accessibility Testing In Continuous Delivery

Conference talk that discusses how to automate WCAG testing in agile projects and what tools that actually work.

Intended audience
Developers, testers and product owners.

There are many different tools for testing universal design today. These include both browser extensions, developer libraries, and other online services. But what works and what does not work? Which of the frameworks and libraries is possible to integrate into existing pipelines and deliveries? This presentation will give you answers to these questions.

In this presentation, Dervis Mansuroglu, senior adviser and developer in NAV, will tell how NAV has worked to integrate automated testing of universal design into continuous deliveries. You will be familiarized with how the UK government’s work has been an inspiration for NAV and how we developed an open-source tool for validating websites. In addition to demonstrating this tool, the presentation will also show you how to utilize Chrome as much as possible to test universal design.

Norwegian and English