The Cross-Functional Developer

A lightning talk covering important aspects of working in cross functional product teams as a developer.

Intended audience

Developing software that truly gives value to its users are hard. Developing software in the public sector is even harder, considering requirements such as security, accessibility, availability, stability and finally also GDPR and privacy.

Making valuable software requires one more crucial element, and that is the understanding of how the software affects the users emotions, choices and thoughts. In NAV, we deal with these challenges every day in cross-functional teams when developing critical labour and welfare services.

To address these challenges, developers need to change mindsets. Coding alone is no longer enough. They need to become “Cross-Functional Developers” that understands the users and their journey across a complex chain of services.

In this talk, I will share my experiences being a developer in a cross-functional team in a large-scale organisation. I will talk about what a cross-functional developer actually is, why it’s important and how it shapes the software we create. I will also talk about what actions you can take in order to really put the focus on your users and their needs.

Norwegian and English

JavaZone 2019